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Where does Nybora train/practice?
Nybora’s home for more than 25 years has been Hyland Ski area in Bloomington, MN. All regular season practices are held at Hyland.

When does the team practice?
Practices are 6:30-8:30p Tuesdays and Thursdays (note: the Junior Team only practices on Tuesdays).

What level of skier can join Nybora?  
On Nybora, attitude is more important than ability!  The only requirement for being on Nybora is the ability to use the park rope tow and a chair lift on your own, basic skiing skills and a desire to become a better freeskier. Nybora will teach you the rest!

Who can be on Nybora?
Nybora is open to all skiers ages 6 and older with an interest in park/freestyle skiing!

What is the Nybora Junior Team?
The Junior team is available for skiers ages 6-12. The Junior teams meets once a week on Tuesdays.

Do you have to compete if you’re on Nybora?
Some kids join to be the best in the world (nybora can help you pursue that dream) and some just want to have a blast with their friends.  Competition is not required, but encouraged if you show interest!

How much does Nybora cost?
We strive to keep the price of Nybora the lowest possible while still providing a top-shelf experience. Current prices can be found here

Is it possible to get a refund for missed practice or events?Nybora dues are non-refundable for any reason at all. This is consistent with similar sporting activities and similar to how a ski pass or ticket would be treated by a ski area. We strive to keep the price of Nybora the lowest possible while still providing a top-shelf experience. We keep our pricing at a break-even point, we think you’ll be hard pressed to find a similar program of similar quality anywhere in the country. Most of expenses the program incurs are fixed. For all of these reasons and a few more, we are unable to offer refunds for any reason.

Do I have to buy a Hyland season pass?
A season pass is not required, but recommended. The vast majority of Nyborians buy a season pass. When you’re on Nybora , you’ll want to ski every free minute. Almost any time you go to Hyland, you’re sure to see fellow Nyborians laying it down in the park. Why not be able to join them whenever you can?

Does practice ever get cancelled?
Rarely! We’re Scandinavians from Minnesota!  Every once and awhile, it does get so cold that in becomes dangerous to be outside and the ski area will close. In those extreme cases, Nybora will post on Facebook and Twitter that practice has been cancelled. Make sure you follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

What does “nybora” mean?
Progression! Nybora is the blending of two Swedish words, “ny” which means “new” and “borja” which means “start.”  A new start is progression and progression is what Nybora is all about.

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