What is Freestyle?

Freestyle Skiing traditionally was made up of three events – Acro, Moguls, and Aerials. Today, what is being deemed as “freeski”… a derivative of Freestyle, brings the Terrain Park and Halfpipe to our sport.

Acro – Gymnastic skiing with inverted pole flips and twisting axels.

Aerials – Traditional Upright maneuvers and Inverted maneuvers performed on a Aerial Site.

Big Air – Jumping off tables, big kickers, and whatever else will boost you into the sky. Performing a spectrum of tricks including off axis spins, switch takeoff and landings, etc.

Moguls – High paced skiing down a steep pitched run with “bumps.”

Park/Slopestyle – Skiing in a Terrain Park with Jumps, rails, and whatever else the Snowcat driver dreams up…

Halfpipe – Skiing in a long halfpipe made of snow (you’ll find one of these made of wood in your Tony Hawk Pro Skater game) performing aerial maneuvers.

Nybora offers top shelf coaching in all disciplines of Freestyle Skiing. Nybora skiers are exposed to many levels of skiing and therefore all skiing abilities have a home at Nybora.


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