2016 Nybora Sign Up and Info Nights – Night added!

  • Second Sign up night of the season!
  • Monday November 9th from 7:00pm – 8:00pm
  • Open house format @ Hyland Ski Area – the new chalet!

New to Nybora?  Returning Nyborian?  Want to meet some of the coaches, get answers to your questions, or catch up on what’s new with Nybora?  Stop by one of our info nights!

  • Meet coaches
  • Get answers to your questions
  • Sign up for Nybora in person!

We’ll be taking registration for Nybora during these info nights.  You can also mail in your registration, which can be the fastest way to become a Nyborian!

2015-16 Registration is OPEN!

We are SO ready for winter.  Every day gets us another day closer to the best season of the year, WINTER!  And that means things are starting to ramp up for Nybora.  In fact, the new registration packet is now ready for you to download, fill out and send in.  Check it out, don’t miss out!


15th Annual Nybora Nightshine!

nightshine 2015

Major weekend ahead!

One of the biggest comps of the year! Don’t miss out!!!


SATURDAY, January 10

15th Annual Nybora Nightshine Double Slopestyle

Hyland Hills

Registration at 4:00pm

Training 4-5pm

Event starts at 5:15pm

This is a double meet!  Two Slopestyle events.  Special prizes for top finisher and Shiniest Nightshiner!


SUNDAY, January 11

The first BIG AIR event of the year!!  On the Nybora jump!

Hyland Hills

Registration at 9am

Training 9-10am

Event starts at 10:15am

This is a double BIG AIR meet



Registration in simple! 

Step 1) You will need a valid USSA license.  If this is your first event, PROOF OF AN ACTIVE USSA LICENSE WILL BE REQUIRED AT REGISTRATION.

Step 2) If you haven’t already, you will also need a completed MFA registration form.  MFA registration form.

Step 3) Entrance fees will be as follows:

  • $45 for one event (ex: one slopestyle event – 2 runs)
  • $65 for two events (ex: two slopestyle events – 2 runs x 2 events for a total of 4 runs)
  • $125 for the whole weekend – 4 events, what a deal!  Save time–register once for the whole weekend on Saturday! PLUS, if you register for all four events, you get an epic Nybora Nightshine t-shirt!!


Cash or check payable to Midwest Freestyle Association.



If you want to compete, you need a USSA LICENSE! Take care of this BEFORE you get to Hyland.  See the prior post for details!

2015 Competition Season Begins

Happy New Year!

January 3, 2015, Hyland Hills
Registration at 4:00pm—Training 4-5pm
Event starts at 5pm

Nybora Site
This is a double meet!  Two Slopestyle events.



Returning skiers – PLEASE BRING YOUR BIB to each competition


Registration in simple! 

Step 1) You will need a valid USSA license (details how to get this are below). Please obtain this license before the event. PROOF OF AN ACTIVE USSA LICENSE WILL BE REQUIRED AT EVENT REGISTRATION.  You are able to print your card from your account on the USSA website.

Step 2) You will also need a completed MFA registration form.  Please print this and bring the completed form to registration.

Step 3) Registration is $45 for one event, $65 for two events.  Cash or check payable to Midwest Freestyle Association.



If you haven’t completed yet, please bring this completed waiver with you to registration:

2015 MFA Competition Form

You can also find the schedule here:

2015 MFA Schedule 12-1-14




Schedule for January 3 (remember, this is not a timed event and times are approximate):

  • Registration is at 4pm, in the Hyland Chalet.
  • Note: The Hyland chalet is under construction. You are required to park remotely and take a shuttle. Just follow the signs.
  • Training starts approximately 4pm.  1 Hour of training
  • Course closes for short maintenance period (approximately 10-15 minutes)
  • Comp starts after 1 hour of training and the maintenance period
  • Comp end time depends on number of skiers entered and pace of the event
  • Each competitor will have 2 runs in the meet they enter.  Best run counts.
  • This is a double meet, meaning there are 2 Slopestyle competitions back to back.
  • All awards will be after all scores have been totaled.
  • New to USSA competition?  Make sure you check out this handy guide written by a Nybora parent alum, Al Dutcher.


If you want to compete, you need a USSA LICENSE! Take care of this BEFORE you get to Hyland. 

All Nybora and MFA events will be sanctioned by the United States Ski Association (USSA).  That means that in order to participate in a MFA or Nybora competition event this season, the participant needs to obtain a USSA license/membership.  PLEASE OBTAIN YOUR USSA LICENSE PRIOR TO THE EVENT.  This is a competitor license that can be obtained online (info on how below).  Having USSA sanction all of our events helps ensure a consistent and safe event and allows all of our events to receive a national ranking.  National ranking is important to the division because it is through national ranking that we are able to qualify skiers for Junior Nationals at the end of the season.

Three types of licenses are available from USSA (from the USSA website):

Competitor License: if you’ve been a member of USSA in the past, this is the license you need.  You should have received your renewal earlier this year.  Cost = $150-175/season

Rookie License for 13 and up: All first time USSA members could obtain this license/membership.  Note: if a skier qualifies for Junior Olympics, she/he will need to upgrade this license to a Competitor License.  Cost = $80/season

Youth Competitor: 12 and under competitors that do not wish to be ranked and will not be eligible for Junior Olympics.  Cost = $60/season

And..once again this year, Central is the ONLY division WITHOUT a division fee!  So you just need to get your USSA License (outlined above) and you’re set!

USSA membership can be obtained online by visiting:



If you have any questions, please contact info@nybora.com.

We hope you’ll be a part of the fun with Midwest Freestyle Association this season!

You have plenty of opportunities to compete in Freestyle skiing.  Just take a look at the 2015 Schedule found on nybora.com.  You’ll need a USSA License.

Each meet will have an event registration fee, but they’ve been kept low again and will range around $45 depending on the event.  Central is the only division that does not charge a division fee at the beginning of the season.

The 2015 season should be a blast!

Thank you,

Midwest Freestyle Association
USSA Central Division Freestyle